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The Lotus Flower sometimes takes a long period of time to bloom, but once it has reached the surface, it is captivating with its exquisite elegance, color and shape.

Inspired by the qualities of the Lotus Flower, Michael Mui founded the house of Lotus M. It's not about what’s hot or what’s on trend, but it’s about an impeccable sense of style, a meticulous attention to detail and the essence of craftsmanship and artistry.

Lotus M clothes make a woman feel empowered, feminine and elegant. The pieces are timeless, thoughtful and wearable. The statement is an elegant effortlessness that draws attention to the wearer.

Lotus M Design


Michael Mui

Michael Mui has been surrounded by couture since he was a boy. Whether it was watching his grandmother and aunt bead traditional Chinese gowns, or standing by as his mother and aunts worked on high-end clothing as seamstress, it was from a young age that Mui developed an eye for construction and took a keen interest in fabrics and craftsmanship.

In his early twenties, Mui entered the fashion industry, working for a fabric house where he began to acutely develop his fascination with fabrics. Wanting to gain further understanding on fabrics’ relationship to the female form (and being the youngest of four boys) he turned to his female cousin and asked her to be his mannequin. Taking what he learned about drape and movement and sharing it with the industry, Mui was then given the opportunity to work in two couture houses: Akira Maki (best known for his work with Halston; independent since 1981) and John Anthony (world-renowned American couturier).

From his experiences, Mui got to see first hand how an atelier works and absorbed extensive knowledge regarding cut, grain line, and their effects on drape and fit in relation to the female form. After taking all that he had learned from his experience in the industry, Mui founded his own house: Lotus M.

Lotus M Design



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The Olivier Awards 2011

Nell Benjamin and Laurence O'Keefe Dress by Michael Mui for Lotus M

Nell Benjamin
Nell Benjamin


Nell Benjamin


Nell Benjamin

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